TUESDAY 14.09.2004

Difficult and demanding, the first contest of IOI 2004

"Oh, it was difficult, very difficult"... The reactions of most students taking part in the first contest of IOI 2004, yesterday morning, were not very jovial. The "IOI Newsletter" reporters talked to many of them and the verdict was close to unanimous on two subjects - the degree of difficulty encountered and the quality of life here - only two out of nine told us that the questions asked were not so difficult and only one of them was not very happy with accommodation - well, OK, he conceded, at least it's better than the students dorms, usually used on such occasions… Prachaya Phaisanwiphatpong from Thailand said that he answered only two questions - he hoped for something better but next time! Andriy Grynenko from the Ukraine was not very pleased, too, with his result although he got a 100 mark out of 300. But he told us that this is his first time in IOI, so… the future is his. Ricardo Martinez is from Spain and he thinks that yesterday was not his lucky day, as he couldn't answer all the questions. Yet, he is sure that many other guys around him did better - at least, he likes the place very much! The results were not as good as he had hoped for Niko Kiirala from Finland - his answers were "almost correct" and got "something like 65". And "God, this is a big place, you've got here - quite different from the places we've stayed in similar events, before". Speaking on behalf of the Greek team, Eleftherios Katsivelos, told us that the questions posed yesterday were easier than the ones posed in the Balkan Games, some months ago, so their results were rather good. But, he is afraid that tomorrow's contest will be much more difficult. "The subjects were difficult, my score was only 60" says 16-year-old Roman Kim from Kyrgyzstan.

"We thought that it would be more difficult and we were prepared for that, but it turned out that it was easy - however, I'm not so satisfied with myself, because I made some stupid mistakes" was the surprise confession of Jakub Lacki from Poland, who stopped his net-surfing along with Kuras Thomasz, to talk to us, but wouldn't reveal his score! "The questions were much harder than the ones posed last year" adds his pal, who hadn't taken part in IOI 2003, yet it was obvious that he had prepared well… "If I knew how easy it was, I could have made a better program - by the way, this place is great! I can see the Olympic Stadium from my room and it looks wonderful!" he adds. Leo Hatvani from Bosnia & Herzegovina was the last -but not least- to answer our questions. A "veteran" as he had also been to Wisconsin, he doesn't like comparisons, so he cannot say if this year's questions were harder than last year's but, well, they were rather difficult this time… and wow, "the place is brand new and just great!" Better luck to all of you, tomorrow!