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From the moment Greece undertook the orginization of the 16th International Olymiad in Informatics, it has been placed under the auspices of the Ministry of National Education. Thanks to the invaluable assistance of the dedicated Ministry employees we are able to welcome all the participants to IOI2004. The Organizing Comittee extends special thanks to the Minister of Education and her staff.
School Buildings Organization S.A (OSK) was established in 1962 with its primary aim to provide school building infrastructure. It has been involved with the design and construction of new school complexes in Greece but also moved beyond national bountaries covering the needs ot the Greek people in foreign countries by building schools for Greeks abroad in Munich, Stuttgart, London, Kiev and elsewhere. OSK participated in the national endevor to host the 2004 Olympic Games by construction the Olympic Games media building, which serves as IOI2004 Village. In 2003 OSK turned its vision for the Schools of the Future into reality by creating schools which ensure flexibility in terms of teaching, respect for and protection of the environment, energy savings, ease of maintenace, coupled with options for extra-curricular use by the local community and other bodies outside of school hours.
Operational Programme Information Society The Greek government attaches a prticular importance to promoting the information society (IS) in Greece. It considers that new information and communication technologies constitute an essential tool for an open and effective government and for improved competitiveness. They create new ways of work, new skills, and the need for continuous learning and adaptation of the education system. At the same time they allow for a better quality of life with the provision of improved health, transport and environmental services, and contribute to the promotion of cultural heritage and of the Greek language. The government's concern is to ensure that hte emerging Information Society will be a society for all, without discrimination between information haves and have-nots, safeguarding citizens' rights and the freedom of expression and information. With the aim of promoting the IS in a coherent and integrated manner, a separate Operational Programme for the Information Society (OPIS) is proposed in the framework of the present CSF.
Operational Programme for Education and Initial Vocational Training (O.P. "Education") Is designed to aids Greece in meeting the challenges arising internationally due to the development of innovative technologies. This Programme aims at turning these challenges into opportunities for development and improvement of the quality of life. O.P."Education" is one of the Third Community Support Framework's 24 Operational Programmes (2000-2006) in Greece, and is co-financed by the European Social Fund, the European Regional Development Fund and national resources. The role of O.P. "Education" Managing Authority is to follow and apply Law 2860/2000, so that the efficiency , the rationality and the transparency of the oprational programme during its implementation are ensured.