In the environment section, it is not clear whether keyboards will be with U.S. key mapping (standard QWERTY keyboard) or some other (Greek?). Also, can you provide additional info about keyboard (what type of Microsoft keyboard, is it ergonomic keyboard?) This information will be useful, because our students are used to standard keyboards (101 keys) with U.S. key mapping, and your information will help us to decide whether we will bring our keyboards (which we tend to avoid).

Keyboards are standard (101 keys) keyboards with US key mapping. They have some additional buttons for web functionality, but they lie outside the main keys layout area.

Can I just confirm that there will be some form of GUI editor available for people who don't know the more complex editors such as vim or emacs? (An example is kate, which comes standard with a KDE installation; I'm not sure what the GNOME equivalent is). Specifically he's wondering if he'll need to learn vim or emacs, which will take a bit of getting used to.

Which environment will we be using for the contest ? For example, can team members use Kate?

Kate, as well as other typical visual editors of both KDE and Gnome desktop environments, will be available on the linux machines.

I tried to enter to your web-site, but it is not possible because of a Greek letters set.
Is it my problem or something in the web-site?

I would suggest ensuring that your browser is configured to automatically detect the language settings.

If you are using internet explorer go to view->encoding and choose 'auto-select'.

For some reason, internet explorer frequently gets confused if its default settings regarding languages are changed and it then runs into a non-english charset in the page. If that does not work, try choosing greek(iso).

I just checked the IOI2004 webpages, and tried to modify our expected team members for IOI2004,
but it seems that this function is disabled! Can You please check that out?

Please choose a member type and add a new member for each person in your team.

Once the members are added their personal information may be edited at anytime from this page

From the IOI 2004 website it is not clear WHERE downloadable artwork (logo etc.) will be placed, and also not WHEN this material will become available. For those purposes, it is desirable to have the artwork in various resolutions. You would also do well to make the place of this material on the website obvious to find for participating delegations.

There is a download sub-section, under the "About IOI2004" section