About Athens

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The City of Athens has a long and rich history, holding a prominent place in Greek mythology and in the hearts and minds of millions of people around the World. During your visit to IOI2004, which Athens has the honour and responsibility of hosting, you will be able to visit and admire many architectural and archaeological masterpieces such as the “Parthenon” which was built on the Acropolis (the hill overlooking the City) during the 5th Century BC; the Historic Centre of Athens; the Ancient Marble Stadium; the “Agora” (Ancient Marketplace); and the Ancient Theatre.

Known as the “Cradle of Democracy and Western Civilisation”, Greece and Athens are also the birthplace of the Ancient and Modern Olympic Games respectively.

In preparation for the 2004 Games, major projects have been commissioned: a new International Airport; new Metro Network; a Ring Road; new landscaping adding millions of indigenous trees and shrubs to the region, all of which will add a significant chapter to the history of the City and will leave behind a legacy of infrastructure and technology for Greece.