Athens, Thursday 18th of March 2004

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The Olympic and the Paraolympic Games, in the summer, won?t be the only top level Games, our country will hold this year. In between those two International Olympiads from the 11th of September until the 18th Athens will organize the 16th International Olympiads of Informatics, a manifestation included in the Program of the Cultural Olympiad. During this manifestation, hundred of students of junior and senior high schools from all over the world, will test their knowledge on issues of informatics.

The formal initiation of the preparation for the IOI2004 is spotted by the arrival of the IOC, these days in Athens, where they will conduct their organized meeting and will discuss with the International Scientific Committee the preparation that has already been made as far as the infrastructure of the conduct of IOI2004 is concerned. They will also promote the idea of IOI in our country, they will meet the political leadership of the Ministry of National Education & Religious Affairs ( who have put the IOI under their shield), the Organizer (GCC) and the supporters of the organizer ( the departments of Informatics of the University of Athens and the Technological Educational Institute of Athens ). The two committees will also visit the Olympic Village of SELETE, where the IOI2004 will be held and where the contestants and judges will stay.